Featured article on me

Check out the featured Golf707 article on me by Bruce Meadows at the Youth Sports Network ysn365.com. Bruce and I go way back to the days when I was a junior golfer and he worked at the Press Democrat. Thanks for the good word, Bruce!

Jessica working with a junior golfer

Holiday specials

Gift certificates available. Can be purchased online or by check. Contact me directly or purchase online at Lessons and Scheduling.

  • 3 Half Hour Lessons $150. A $30 savings.
  • 10 Lessons, 3 Clinics, 9 Hole Playing Lesson, and Range Card $1,100. The best way to really improve your game all year long. Bonus $100 practice card to Oakmont’s driving range. A $410 savings.
  • Private Group Clinic. 2 hour clinic for you and up to 4 of your friends. Topics can be decided as a group and could be used for on course time as well. $329.
  • Series of 3 Hour Lessons $300. A $30 Savings
  • Series of 6 Hour Lessons $650. Plus Bonus $100 practice card to Oakmont’s driving range. A $110 Savings
My son Austin telling Santa what he wants for Christmas

New Flightscope Monitor

This October I purchased a new training aid for my students. It’s a Flightscope X3 Launch Monitor, the newest technology with amazing short game capabilities. Being able to use this machine for pitching and chipping has been a great resource. In the past I could only capture swing speeds above 50mph, now I can get all speeds including putting. This is valuable for any type of lesson or club fitting. 

UT Women’s Golf Alumni

My Longhorn teammates and coach

I just went back to Austin for the Women’s Golf Alumni Weekend at the University of Texas. The new Hall of Honor opened it’s doors for the alumni of the golf team and we had a private party in the stadium the night before the Texas vs. Kansas State Football game. Visiting with teammates, friends, and the current team made for a wonderful weekend. Showing my eldest son where I became a collegiate All-American was hopefully something he will remember. Maybe he will let me fix his grip now that he has seen my achievement plaques!

PGA Teaching Summit

One of my favorite golfers, Freddy Couples

This fall has been really exciting for me with 2 great trips and the purchase of a new teaching aid. Mid-October I attended the PGA Teaching Summit in Temecula, a continuing education seminar for teachers. There were some wonderful speakers like Chris Como (Tiger’s Coach), Josh Gregory (Patrick Reed’s Coach), and Jamie Mulligan (Patrick Cantlay’s Coach). My favorite portion of the seminar was the Q&A with one of my favorite golfers, Freddy Couples. His stories were hilarious and fascinating all at the same time!