LPGA Global Education Team Member

Jessica and coach at British Open
Jessica and her coach at the British Open

I am excited to announce that I have the opportunity to give back to LPGA. I have accepted the honor of being part of the Global Education Team. I will be evaluating new LPGA teachers getting their Class B and Class A Certifications. Don’t worry, my teaching schedule will remain the same once the courses open! This position will take a little bit of traveling to do evaluations a couple times a year. I’m happy to grow the game!

Masters Golf Webcast

Masters 2019
The Scoreboard

On April 11th, Rebecka Heinmert and I co-hosted a Deep Dive Zoom Call where we talked about our experience at the Masters last year. Warning: We will geek out! Here is the link to the webcast:

Masters 2019 Scoreboard