Augusta National is an incredible place with so much golf history and ideal conditions. There is no rough on the course, just pine needles if you really miss the fairway. Where the course gets tough is in the greens and elevation changes. The greens are mounded with no real spot to keep the ball close to the pin. There is very tight grass around the greens with no rough to hold the ball, so if you don’t have spin on your ball it just rolls off the green to a low spot really far away from the hole. No one likes a 40 pitch shot with very little grass going to an uphill green. For instance, I was on the par 3 hole #6 where there is a huge hump in the middle of the green. If you don’t land your ball on the correct and very small tier by the pin, then your ball rolls off the green. I watched many players, like Sergio, hit their ball about 10 feet from the pin and end up with a 40 foot putt coming back. On TV the course looks flat, it is not! Augusta National is the 2nd hardest walk on the PGA Tour. You could ski down Hole #10. If you ever get tickets, don’t wear sandals to the Masters, bring your hiking shoes!