Class A LPGA Teaching Pro

TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Level 3 Golf Pro

Certified PING Club Fitter

Certified Boditrack and Flightscope Instructor

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Professional Teaching Accomplishments

LPGA Teaching Professional

  • Recipient of 10 year pin
  • Nominated for 2021 LPGA Teacher of the Year

TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Level 3 Golf Professional 

TPI Golf Certification gives the teaching pro a deep understanding of how the body’s strengths and weaknesses affect the golf swing. This helps to quickly identify any physical restrictions that may be limiting a player’s swing, and simple techniques to improve these limitations. Golf Certification dives deep into 3D Biomechanics, the physics of projectiles, motor control, swing instruction, player coaching, and the short game. 

Certified BodiTrak and Flightscope instructor

While it’s easy for me to see swing problems at the range, Flightscope gives me measurements and numbers to help adjust the golf swing and fit clubs. I’m able to measure path to face, angle of attack, club head and ball speed, vertical/horizontal swing plane, spin rate and launch angle.

LPGA Global Education Team Member

I will be traveling throughout the year as an evaluator of new LPGA teachers getting Class B and Class A Certifications.

Certified PING Club Fitter

Jessica hitting ball
Jessica demonstrating at TPI Level 3 course