New Flightscope Monitor

This October I purchased a new training aid for my students. It’s a Flightscope X3 Launch Monitor, the newest technology with amazing short game capabilities. Being able to use this machine for pitching and chipping has been a great resource. In the past I could only capture swing speeds above 50mph, now I can get all speeds including putting. This is valuable for any type of lesson or club fitting. 

UT Women’s Golf Alumni

My Longhorn teammates and coach

I just went back to Austin for the Women’s Golf Alumni Weekend at the University of Texas. The new Hall of Honor opened it’s doors for the alumni of the golf team and we had a private party in the stadium the night before the Texas vs. Kansas State Football game. Visiting with teammates, friends, and the current team made for a wonderful weekend. Showing my eldest son where I became a collegiate All-American was hopefully something he will remember. Maybe he will let me fix his grip now that he has seen my achievement plaques!

PGA Teaching Summit

One of my favorite golfers, Freddy Couples

This fall has been really exciting for me with 2 great trips and the purchase of a new teaching aid. Mid-October I attended the PGA Teaching Summit in Temecula, a continuing education seminar for teachers. There were some wonderful speakers like Chris Como (Tiger’s Coach), Josh Gregory (Patrick Reed’s Coach), and Jamie Mulligan (Patrick Cantlay’s Coach). My favorite portion of the seminar was the Q&A with one of my favorite golfers, Freddy Couples. His stories were hilarious and fascinating all at the same time!

Want More Distance?

I get asked all the time from students, “How can I get more distance off the tee?” Without swinging faster and contorting your body more, the easiest way to get more distance is to hit the sweet spot. If you miss the sweet spot by 1″, the cost is 10% of your driving distance. Uh, oh! For the average guy, that is 20 yards. An easy way to see where you are contacting the face is to get some powder foot spray (I use Gold Bond…the generic brand doesn’t work). Spray your club lightly and swing away. If you are missing the sweet spot, things to consider that you can do on your own:

  • Distance away from the ball
  • Tee Height
  • Ball Position
  • Angle of Attack
  • Swing Plane/Path
  • Extension

Want to Play in a Pro-Am?

Last February I took 4 students to play in the Tommy Thomas Pro-AM in Tucson, Arizona. It was a blast! This year I am looking to go again on Feb. 17-20th or Feb. 24-27th. If you are interested, check out the link below. All food, hotel, and play is included…plus prizes!

Tommy Thomas Pro-Ams

Student Shout Outs!

Abby Leighton won the California Girls Junior Championship and Jessica Maynard won the Pacific Northwest Women’s Open. Also, Gabby Sinatra made 2 hole in ones in the month of July. Way to go girls!

Masters Notes: Making Shots


One thing that I observed at the Masters was differences in pre-shot routines and temperament. Basically the less time the players took over the ball before they hit it, the better the shot was. I watched Jordan Speith take an eternity over his tee shot with lots of pumps and waggles then chunk it 30 yards short of the green, while Tiger just got up and hit it. The clearer the decision making and less hesitation, the better the outcome. I did watch Henrik Stenson lose his cool on hole #13. He hit his second shot into the azaleas, which needed an unplayable ball drop. He took his drop, then chipped it out into the water on the other side of the green. After learning that his ball went into the water he attacked some azalea bushes then tried to put them back after the attack. I bet he got a huge fine for that incident!

Masters Notes: Augusta

Augusta National is an incredible place with so much golf history and ideal conditions. There is no rough on the course, just pine needles if you really miss the fairway. Where the course gets tough is in the greens and elevation changes. The greens are mounded with no real spot to keep the ball close to the pin. There is very tight grass around the greens with no rough to hold the ball, so if you don’t have spin on your ball it just rolls off the green to a low spot really far away from the hole. No one likes a 40 pitch shot with very little grass going to an uphill green. For instance, I was on the par 3 hole #6 where there is a huge hump in the middle of the green. If you don’t land your ball on the correct and very small tier by the pin, then your ball rolls off the green. I watched many players, like Sergio, hit their ball about 10 feet from the pin and end up with a 40 foot putt coming back. On TV the course looks flat, it is not! Augusta National is the 2nd hardest walk on the PGA Tour. You could ski down Hole #10. If you ever get tickets, don’t wear sandals to the Masters, bring your hiking shoes!